Solutions / 360 Georeferenced road recording

Road recording, 360, stereo

Road recording with the 360° panoramic georefrenced video is a revolution in management of road infrastructure, as well as management of city and local government property.

Google Street View is often used in practice, but it is not adequate due to data that is not up-to-date and limited coverage in lesser inhabited places. This is why we have developed the 360° pipGIS® module which enables its users an overview of panoramic 360° video recording of commissioned taping, in any time frame and any location that is accessible by a car.

In addition, our clients can do the recordings by themselves with the help of a frontal camera and our custom PiP VideoKit software

Some of the possible uses of this module are:
  • Collecting of vertical and horizontal delineation and signing
  • Insight and estimation of the condition of a pavement
  • Registry of municipal taxpayers
  • Independent recording of the roads with our mobile application