Solutions / Linear referencing, infrastructure record

Linear referencing system

Module for linear referencing of roadway is used for collecting, editing and viewing line attributes of pavement (assessment of pavement, road markings, pavement type, etc.). The pavements are presented as bisectors in a digital database. These bisectors are presented as 10 m segements with the known mileage, and each one gets a linear attribute. The module has two user interfaces: the administration interface and the interface for the encoder.

The administration interface has the following possibilites:
  • An overview of the attributes of bisectors on a map
  • A printout of the attributes in a chart
  • An analysis of the attributes in the interactive diagrams
  • Managing the GPS traces upon the encoding is made.
The interface for the encoder has the following possibilites:
  • An overview, editing and allocation of the attributes to a 10 m segments of a bisector
  • An overview of a georeferenced video recording
  • Managing the speed of a video recording
  • Enlarging a video recording over the screen
  • A map display with the location of a place in a video recording