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Management system of geospatial data - pipGIS®

pipGIS® is a web platform for the management of geospatial data. This platform supports a string of connected modules which include editing, surveillance, demonstration and managing of spatial infrastructure.

It includes the following modules:
  • Presentation of all types of public and private cartographic base maps
  • Database of roads without classification (web editing)
  • Measurement (of surface, length, mileage, radius and geolocation)
  • Georeferenced video – review and management of video recordings
  • Database (land register) of vertical road signalisation
  • Land register of green areas and trees
  • Database of parking areas in the City
  • Land register and GIS of public lightning
  • Display module of existing data of utility infrastructure (water supply system and sewage, public lightning, electrical conduit, gas supply, distribution telecommunications ducts, etc.)
  • Spatial plans
  • Display of monitoring service for vehicle fleet data
  • Management of all road canal and digs data
  • Managing database of charges of public utility users
  • etc.