Solutions / System for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, working with utility services

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System for maintenance of municipal infrastructure

System for maintenance of municipal infrastructure is an add or an update of integrated E-road system.

The module serves as an organizational and software solution which provides the possibilities of smart management and control of field works and interventions in a way that any intervention is being spatially, temporally and categorically recorded in the system,throughout its development cycle.

With the application the functioningf this module is further expanded, which enables all citizens to participaten the process of restoration of critical locations and damages on localinfrastructure.

This approach enables thorough monitoring ofield interventions which provide the possibility of making quality strategic desicions that lead to reducton in cost and waste of time.

The system simplifies insight into following issues:
  • an overview of finished work for a certain user in a certain area
  • an overview of spent material in a certain time period
  • monitoring a timeline of changes in a field work
  • control of succesfully finished work by images of situation
  • cartographic monitoring of ongoing and finished interventions