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We are creating intuitive solutions based on your needs

Company Mission and Vision

The company Promet i prostor d.o.o. is focused towards the development of IT solutions in the field of geospatial databases and an innovative approach to developing business applications.

Openness towards innovative information echnology and faith that our work and commitment can produce quality solutions that can meet the most demanding users, are key guidelines in our development.

We have developed all of our software solutions. Our products have been approved and tested successfully by our customers - municipalities, cities and road managers (ŽUC, ARZ d.d., HC). We strive to be competitive in price, quality, simplicity and speed of implementation.

Many years of experience of our staff and collaborators on national and international projects, links with academic institutions and partners in the region, as well as the use of different software solutions, position us as a top developer of GIS applications for engineering services.

Our services

  • Development of WebGIS System (e-city, e-roads, utility fees, etc.)
  • Mobile application development
  • Infrastructure maintenance systems (roads, street lights, green area, etc.)
Traffic engineering
  • Traffic surveys
  • Traffic studies
  • Traffic energy-efficency programmes
  • Traffic analysis and prognosis
Training and development
  • Improvement and development of information system for traffic and connection purposes
  • Cooperation with scientific institutions in the country and abroad
  • Consulting
    • GIS consulting and workshops
    • GIS education
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