Solutions / The real estate register

The real estate register, ReNe

This software solution is allowing easier management of real estate and their documentation. The software itself has been made in collaboration with local authorities and therefore it has been adjusted to their needs.

The system offers following solutions andfunctionalities:
  • register of sales contracts and entries of ownership
  • managing history of alterations of cadastral parcels and land registry ownership
  • monitoring contracts of lease and central mangement of real estate servitude contracts
  • notification of expiring contracts
  • available space registry
  • logically structured management of real estate by the types of use
  • hierarchical management of real estate such as buildings and apartments
  • monitoring changes on real estate
  • advanced filtering and download of data in Excel or PDF format
  • managing agricultural land

This module is specifically linked to address register and cadastral base, hence every property unit is easily and automatically given a position on the map.