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Database - pipGIS®

pipGIS® is a web platform for the management of geospatial data. This platform supports a string of connected modules which include editing, surveillance, demonstration and managing of spatial infrastructure. See more

The real estate register, ReNe

This software solution is allowing easier management of real estate and their documentation.The software itself has been made in collaboration with local authorities and therefore it has been adjusted to their needs. See more

Municipal infrastructure maintenance system

System for maintenance of municipal infrastructure is an add or an update of integrated E-road system. Themodule serves as an organizational and software solution which providesthe possibilities of smart management and control of field works andinterventions in a way that any intervention is being spatially, temporallyand categorically recorded in the system, throughout its development cycle. See more

360 road recording

Road recording with the 360° panoramic georefrenced video is a revolution in management of road infrastructure, as well as management of city and local government property. See more

Linear referencing system

Module for linear referencing of roadway is used for collecting, editing and viewing line attributes of pavement. (assessment of pavement, road markings, pavement type, etc.). The module has two user interfaces: the administration interface and the interface to the encoder. See more

Mobile alerts from the field

Managing users and authorities

Infrastructure work tracking

Additional modules, upgrading functionality

Each of our implemented solutions is adapted and customised to the needs of our clients. That is why we have developed a modular upgradingsystem for our basic products. Modules are different and they cover a range of functionalities,such as managing the roads, spatial plans, property or communal objects.

Georeferencing video

Spatial comments

Road database

Vertical traffic signalization



Green area cadaster

DWG data integration

Public lightning cadaster

Road canals and digs

Database of charges of public utility users


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