Advantages / product potency

Always available

Our products are hosted on cutting-edge web servers which makes them easily accessible and always available.This approach does not require additional installation by our clients, and also allows easy and quick updating and upgrading.


Our goal is to deliver best user and business friendly solutions on the market. Guided by aforementioned, each of our products was drafted in close cooperation with experts who use the product in order to facilitate operational processes and maximize the performance of the work.

No hidden costs

We use only the most reliable and modern technology while developing our programs. None of our products requires packages for which you have to pay a license to third parties.

You own the data which works accross platforms and is easily searchable

Within our system, all your data are structured according to the OGC standard. They are easily accessible in a secure database and are easily portable between standard CAD and GIS tools in which is still possible to work arbitrary analysis and visualization. All data is indexed which makes them quickly and easily searchable.

Using the latest technology

All data can be added and edited directly from our system. It is possible to add photos and documents, and print PDF files for every physical object. Within the system it is possible to visualise dynamic data, such as vehicle tracking or traffic lights.

Optimised for all platforms

Our software solutions are based on the latest open source web technologies, where there is no payment of additional licenses to third parties. Web solutions are tailored to users who don't have to be computer experts, and all software solutions are tailored for use on tablets and smartphones.

Detailed dynamical report

The purpose of the database is data recording, and ultimately data browsing. In our database, all data is systematically linked in a way that allows maximum ease of data retrieval. With our module reports it is possible to retrieve specific static information about the quantities of data in a given area, detailed listing for each physical object, and printing cartographic representation in the default scale on paper formats up to A0.